deZane - digital showcase of thomas tibitanzl

digital art, graphic design, web design and much more...

Thomas Tibitanzl also known as deZane, is a self-taught Digital Artist and Designer based in Munich. Thomas was born in the golden city Prague, at an early age he moved to Germany.

His profession lies in graphic, web and print design. As an artist, he is creating artworks under his alias deZane, specialized in digital art.

Tibitanzl expresses his art through narrative and thought-provoking artworks. His imagery is based on unique concepts, complete stories with deep messages, encouraging the viewer to think for himself. Every artwork is covered by an individual given theme, that is interpreted by deZane's vision. His art has been described as fluid renderings of alternate universes, dreamlike sequences of juxtaposed landscapes.

Thomas Tibitanzl has been featured and interviewed in magazines such as

Advanced Photoshop UK, GER, NL, artzMania, Blanket Magazine, Digital Arts, Initiativa Colectiva, NewWebPick, Photoshop Creative UK, PixelArts, Semi-Permanent, Territory Magazine and more...

He is also represented by various articles and interviews on the internet.

deZane's biggest joy and motivation, is to share and inspire other people around the globe.


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